Just as you thought your vacation can’t get any better, we bring to you Cabrio sightseeing tour of our beautiful city, starting at Pile Gate, driving you all around the city, to the most scenic locations. From the beauties of the Old City viewed from higher ground, to the breathtaking views of the Lokrum island, Elaphite archipelago and the Adriatic, you will have chance to enjoy it all, with frequent stops at the most interesting view points with a chance of making awesome photos and grab a refreshment.

Dubrovnik cabrio bus tour roughly lasts for 1 hour and 20 minutes and in this time you drive frome the Old City to Rijeka Dubrovačka, crossing the Dubrovnik bridge, than driving forward above the Old City and back to Pile Gate. Be sure to bring your camera with you!

Each visitor recives fridge magnet as a present!!!

Tickets can be bought at the bus prior to the tour


Dubrovnik Cabrio Bus Tour
  • 1

Pile Gate

Main entrance of the Old Town. Central point of arrival and departure for all buses. Our cabrio sightseeing bus tour is starting on this point and later ends.

  • 2

Dubrovnik panorama

Most popular eastern panorama view point where you can see Dubrovnik surrounded with blue sea and natural park island Lokrum.

  • 3

Dubrovnik bridge

The New Dubrovnik bridge and west side panorama view of Dubrovnik with a bay of Rijeka Dubrovačka where river Omlba flows into the sea. Also you can see the Elaphite islands which are perfect for a daily excursion.

  • 4

Port Gruž

The port Gruž where you can see cruise ships, luxury yachts and lot of little boats of Dubrovnik citizens.

  • 5

Babin kuk

The tourist area Babin Kuk with lot of luxury Valmar Riviera hotels and beautifull beaches where you can enjoy your day. Also you can see from another angle the port Gruž and the Elaphite islands with great blue colour of sea and beautiful sunsets in afternoon time.

  • 6

Lapad bay

The Lapad bay comes with variety of hotels and restaurants. You can see central beach where you can sunbath and swim. We are currently reaching the last point of Lapad in front of five star hotel Palace which is a member of Adriatic Luxury group. The hotel offers a spectacular view of the little island – light house St. Andrija.

  • 7

Hill Srđ panorama

The Srđ Hill where you can see green woods and fortress Imperial which was built by Napoleon in 19th century, inside the fortress you can find War museum and popular tourist atraction – cable car. There is also great viewpoint and romantic restaurant where you can enjoy food and drinks and see the town like it’s on the palm on your hand.

  • 8

Fort Minčeta

The Dubrovnik walls were built in the 15th century. On this point of our route you will see the biggest fortress of the city walls – Minčeta. You need to visit city walls that tells the history of the Dubrovnik throught the centuries. There is a magnificent view of the whole old town and surrounding sea.

A_short_history_of_ Dubrovnik
  • 9

Ploče Gate

Luxury area Ploče with hotel Argentina and most famous Dubrovnik hotel Excelsior where famous world politicians, artists, scientists, actors and other stayed there. Visit Banje beach, most popular beach near the Old town and very popular night club East West.

  • 10

Fortress Revelin

Fortress Revelin is positioned near east entrance of the Old town and used to protect the city from invaders, but nowdays it hosts Culture club Revelin where famous DJ’s from all around the world perform during summer time. Culture club Revelin is positioned on Top DJ Mag’s list as one of the best 100 clubs in the world.